Distribution Consulting Tips

In the field of business the distribution results in the growth of company. Even if the company is producing efficient products and if it is not reaching the customers then we cannot say that company is a success.

An efficient company will have super distribution department, and this distribution department should handle the complete procedures after the production of goods. The development of distribution department consists of various factors, such as transporting, marketing etc… Here the most important factor for a newly developing company is nothing else but marketing. The awareness about the products and company is very less. So marketing plays an important role in the development of a company.

Here is the importance of a distribution consultant who can play vital role in the development of distribution department. By being an expertise in search engine optimisation, web designing etc alone won’t help in becoming a successful distribution consultant. As a successful professional in distribution consultation there are some key tasks which help you to become a successful.

1. Helping the top managers in planning new strategies and techniques for marketing. This is can be done by providing new plans to their firm so that they can have more easy and successful marketing. But it is quite difficult to make do with our plans as there are more people to that you should convey the new idea and they should accept it.

2. As web based emergence of companies are larger the scope of a distribution consultant is important in the internet. You can provide consultation to the distribution department through net itself. So for those who have great knowledge in web is easy for this. And also this consulting alone is not the job of a distribution consultant they should do their part in internet by search engine optimization methods like article submission. And also blogging helps a lot in increasing popularity of a company and products.

For successful distribution consultant should have regular customers. The number of customers depends on how much expert you are. But for a beginner even if he is efficient he should follow certain procedure in order to attract clients to him.

By posting free and useful article you can please your clients and people who read your article will get impressed about the company and product so your clients will be pleased and many others will be attracted to you. And the same company will give you more consultation jobs to you.

Another method of increasing your clients is by giving a workshop to your local communities and giving them some free sample works. It will be more effective so that you can spread local voice about your profession so that interested will approach you.

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Professional SEO Consultant to Increase Your Website Traffic

Creating a website is just like constructing a building for business and if you want to bring targeted audience to your website you have to optimize and develop your website properly. A professional SEO consultant offers practical and effective search engine optimization and marketing solutions to help increase your website traffic and overall performance in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines.

Provides Systematic and Advanced SEO Services

SEO or search engine optimization is in fact an effective solution for internet marketing and it helps to improve your business. SEO consultants provide systematic and advanced SEO services to make a website both search engine friendly and user friendly. A professional SEO consultant offers a range of benefits including:

o Increases website’s exposure
o Enhances online business sales
o Provides a corporate identity
o Global market access

Benefit from a Website with Optimal Performance

Search engine ranking is influenced by various factors including website design, website content and optimization. In order to get high traffic to websites, websites should have a well organized design, persuasive and keyword-rich content and proper link exchange with various social sites and directories. To design and develop a business website with optimal performance in search engines, SEO consultants maintain highly skilled and adept SEO specialists, website designers, content writers, copywriters, marketing experts and project managers. The services of a professional SEO consultant include:

o Initial industry analysis
o Keyword exploration and selection
o Website design and redesign
o SEO copywriting
o Keyword focused content development
o Article submissions
o Website optimization
o Strategic link building
o Website evaluation and monthly reporting
o Follow-up service
o SEO consultancy

Besides search engine optimization service, a professional SEO consultant provides several highly effective internet viral marketing, blog marketing and web development services to increase your website traffic and online sales.

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CRM integration as a smart solution for customer-oriented businesses

Given how versatile the business processes are, it’s critical to organize them to achieve consistency in everything the company does. Especially, it is vital for businesses that are customer-centered and want to provide the best experience to their clientele. When a company has a vast amount of customers, it can be hard to manage all the requests. And if that happens, they can leave the company to find another one with better service. That is why more and more companies now integrate CRM systems into their websites.

Essentially,Guest Posting CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system that helps customize and organize a business’s processes and automate sales. Also, if you have CMR, you can easily monitor, plan, and organize customer service provision, which results in a better experience when on your business website. That naturally increases customer retention and leverages your business performance, leading to more closed deals.

The working principle of a CRM system is quite simple and clear. It collects the customer’s data and places it into personal customer cards, which makes the interaction with the clientele more convenient. In other words, it is a system that provides you with access to all of your customers’ requests and automates responses. That makes the whole process quicker, easier, and optimized rather than that of human processing and administering. What is more, if integrated with the business management system, CRM significantly improves sales and conversion. Thus, you don’t need to hire more staff and spend staggering costs on advertising.

All in all, CRM integration is vital for customer-oriented businesses because:

It provides you with a complete customer base, accessible for you when you need it
It improves the work of sales departments and saves budget on hiring additional staff
It allows analyzing the demand and needs of the customers
It facilitates routine work
Once you know the beneficial side of CRM integration, the question of how to integrate it successfully may arise. There are numerous CRM integration New York agencies you can address. However, before making the decision, there is another important thing you need to know. Generally, there are three types of CRM systems. And you need to choose the best suit for your business compatible with your needs and that of your customers. Let’s delve deeper:

If you need to simplify the interaction with your clientele and store their data, the operating system will suit you best. It provides you with a basic set of benefits enough for an excellent performance. CRM of this type are the most popular ones, and if you want a simple yet effective solution, choose that system.

Compared to the operating system where you can gather and store customers’ information, analytical systems can study, analyze it, create charts and diagrams for better information readability. These systems can also help companies choose the most effective channels for attracting potential consumers with the help of analytical processes. Also, it can show you the most dangerous stages of the purchase funnel, meaning the point of losing customers so you can escape them, enhancing your performance.

If you want to collect feedback from your customers in order to improve your service, it’s better to adhere to collaborative CRM systems. Based on the collected data, you can adjust the range of goods, or improve your service to satisfy your clientele’s needs. You don’t need to collect the data manually – the system will do it for you. Thus, that option saves much time, budget, and effort.

Once you know the types and can easily choose the best one for your company, it’s time to proceed to the integration itself. Generally, there are several stages all CRM integration New York agencies employ into their work. Such a combination of steps allows them to stay consistent and deliver only effective solutions. These are CRM integration core steps:

Step 1: Consulting

First and foremost is to get to know the needs of a business that wants a CRM integration. Also, if a business doesn’t know what is better to employ, professional aid is essential. All these evolve at the consulting stage.

Step 2: Analysis of customer processes

Once the business side states its requirements, the professional side needs to understand them and collect enough information about customer processes. This step helps professionals to create a detailed and complete development and integration plan so that let the business side know what to expect and how long that will take.

Step 3: Integration

At this stage, the integration of CRM happens. Professionals turn knowledge and data they’ve gathered previously into a working technical solution.

Step 4: Quality assurance

After the CRM integration, the work doesn‘t stop. It takes quality assurance to guarantee that everything works smoothly with the website of the business side. And testing is vital with any project because it helps to eliminate any possible mistakes that can cost much more in the future.

Step 5: Support

After all the processes are done, it’s critical to maintain the solution and provide support. That helps you, as a business owner, not to doubt the quality of the service and rely on it.

So, if you want an impeccable CRM integration, it’s better to refer to only experienced CRM integration New York agencies. With professional aid, you will be able to grow your sales and leverage your performance significantly.

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What Is Anise, And What Are The Anise-Flavoured Spirits You Can Find?

What is Anise? Anise is a flowering plant that grows to be about 2-4 feet tall. It has pinkish-purple flowers and dark green leaves. The word anise comes from the Latin word “anethum,” which means “a little onion”, referring to its flavour profile. Anise can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes; it adds a liquorice flavour that complements many foods such as chocolate, meats, and vegetables. If you love cooking with anise then you will love craft spirits made with this botanical!

Craft spirits like craft gin have become quite popular in recent times because of their flavour,Guest Posting aroma and versatility. While not all craft spirits like Old Bakery Gin made in the UK, use anise as a botanical, there are many that do, due to its exquisitely unique flavour profile.

Why is Anise being used in Craft Spirits?

Anise is also known as Pimpinella anisum or sweet cumin, and is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae that gives it its distinct flavour. This same compound can be found in other botanicals such as fennel and star anise, which are also commonly used as ingredients in craft spirits to impart these flavours into the final product. These spices have been gaining popularity among distillers because they offer a high return on investment; consumers tend to recognize their familiar taste profiles and appreciate them.

Anise flavoured spirits are quite popular, especially Pernod and Ricard. Some examples of Anise-flavoured spirits include Firelit Spiced Rum, Old New Orleans Absinthe Supérieure, Ransom Old Tom Gin Liqueur with Star Anise & Fennel Seed Botanicals, as well as many others. Others you can find around the world are:

Ouzo from Greece – This is made by distilling tsipoura and flavoured with anise, fennel, coriander, clove, cinnamon, and star anise.
Sambuca from Italy is a sweet liqueur – Sambuca is one of the favoured anise flavoured beverages around the world, and is usually served with coffee beans. It is made using anise as well as elderflower.
Raki from Turkey – This is made with twice-distilled grapes and anise seed. While the base of the drink is grapes, sugar beets, molasses and figs are also added to its making.
Anisette Liqueur – Made using anise and grapes with added sugar, making it a very sweet tasting liqueur.
Pastis from France – A liqueur made using liquorice root and anise.
Absinthe, the dominant flavour of which is anise.
Aguardiente from Spain, Portugal & Columbia – This is made mainly using sugarcane.
Chinchon from Spain.
Mastiha from Greece.
Oghi from Armenia.
Mastika from Bulgaria – This beverage is similar to the Greek Ouzo.
Pastis is also being made in the United Kingdom, although keeping its roots around the Mediterranean. Pastis, Raki, Sambuca and Ouzo are some of the more popular anise flavoured spirits used around the world, and not only in their specific regions. These are ideally used in cocktails and mixes that enhance the flavour of the beverage and the anise and other spices and botanicals that have gone into their making.

Anise flavoured spirits are ideal for creating some great cocktails, especially for those who like some zest and spice in their drinks. The French Mule, the Marie Mojito and the Marie Julep are just some of the cocktails made using Anisette Liqueur, but there is so much more, with people creating new twists to old classics simply to be able to incorporate the highly aromatic anise flavoured craft gin and other spirits into it.

Anise seeds can also be used for medicinal purposes and are often found in cough syrups or remedies for indigestion. The medicinal use of anise includes relieving the flu, coughs and sore throats, as well as treating colic and indigestion. Other uses of anise for medical purposes are to ease symptoms of menopause, to induce labour and childbirth, as a diuretic, an expectorant, for menstrual problems or pains associated with menstruation. It is also known to be given to those suffering from depression and anxiety and stomach ulcers. Anise seed is also good for your breath. In fact, it has been used throughout history to freshen the mouth and even prevent tooth decay. It may stimulate saliva production which helps keep teeth clean and fight plaque formation.

In ancient Egypt and Babylonia it has been found that doctors had used Anise as a cure for anything and everything, thereby proving its potent medicinal values, and the aroma of anise is said to have given relief from headaches.

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Top 5 effective ways of improving your sales

BoxesMe provide the most stunning outlooks of the display boxes cardboard in fascinating prints. Our hi-tech machinery designed t the commendable prints of the bath bomb display boxes. We provide free shipping offers and discounts on special occasions as well. Garb our opportunity of free quote offer and mock-up sampling on your request.

Every brand wants to see itself number one in trending lists. But it is not going to happen without putting in any effort. So,Guest Posting put your efforts into the presentation style of the product. Because customers love to buy such products that are packed in fascinating packaging. Meanwhile, the elegant style of the boxes always comes out in the form of fascinating packaging designs. Interestingly, the appealing and elegant packaging look makes the display boxes cardboard commendable and increased the sale rate of your brand.

Commendable designs, elegant packaging, fascinating prints of the boxes must be the concern of your brand. Make sure that your product is appealing to buyers due to its outer presentation. Meanwhile, packaging companies will provide you with every possible style and size that your product need. That’s why grab the most suitable and sturdy packaging for your precious bath bomb products. So, here we discussed the most interesting ways that will help to boost up your product sale:

Packed your items in worthy packaging
To improve the sale rate of your brand, focus on the packaging. Hence, bring the sturdy packaging boxes for your fragile bath bombs. The bath bombs need highly protective packaging as they can easily dissolve with any liquid. So, make sure that the packaging of these items is sturdy and composed too to keep it fresh and in exact shape. The most reasonable and fascinating designs of the bath bombs are only capable due to the amazing packaging material.

Cardboard: The use of cardboard paper is to create mind-blowing designs of the boxes as it molds without any problem. So, people prefer this material as compared to other packaging papers.
Corrugated: The use of sustainable corrugated packaging is to store such products that are in bulk form. Because its e-fluted layers give it a very strong-headed look to protect such heavy items.
Kraft: The use of Kraft paper is to create the packaging for lightweight items.
So, make sure that your products are in safe packaging that will reach the product safely to the client’s doors. Above all three are eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable materials and create no harm during manufacturing the boxes. Hence, it releases no harmful chemicals to the surroundings too. So, make sure you can customize a description, logo, or any other information on this packaging. Hence, these papers are reasonable for your budget as well because you can recycle them again to customize another style of the boxes.

Versatile designs of the packaging increased your sale rate No one can deny the importance of the beautiful designs of the boxes. Because everybody attracts to such products that placed in fascinating designs of the boxes. So, do you want to increase your product sale? So why you are not opting for the best designs? Go for the most attractive and commendable designs of the boxes for bath bombs that enhance the value of your bath bomb products. The most attractive and lavish designs of the boxes are the reason for success. The attractive and appealing designs of the boxes are:
Gable boxes
Sleeve boxes
Front and reverse end tuck boxes
Boxes with sections
Window die-cut boxes
These are the most interesting designs that keep your brand value high and attain the customer’s attention. While customization makes sure that the design is appropriate according to your product size. So, minimize and maximize the dimensions and sizes of the boxes according to your product range. In this way, your product will remain safer and didn’t misplace from the exact place. The boxes with sections look special as it gives you the option to secure the maximum bath bombs in one box.

Prefer fascinating printing colors to attract the buyers
The appealing prints always attract onlookers. So, make sure that your products are packed in fascinating printed boxes. Nowadays, manufacturing companies used the latest machinery and equipment that create any magical color for your boxes. the most attractive and appealing printing techniques are:

Digital printing
3D/2D printing
One-color printing pattern
These printing techniques give a very refreshing look to your boxes. Every technique has its importance in creating the lavish look of the packaging. Meanwhile, the combination of CMYK and PMS is marvelous as it gives the most lavish color pattern. The same goes for digital printing because it gives a digital look to the box. So, make sure that every packaging must be fascinating for the buyers that increased the chances of your product sale.

Provide reasonable rates of your product to your clients The elegant packaging, fascinating designs, and eye-catching prints are not enough to increase your product sale. You can’t get success until or unless you provide reasonable rates about your products. Make sure that your packaging is perfect and rates are reasonable that anyone can afford. Your rates must be reasonable on the retail and wholesale system to increase your product sale.
That’s why provide reasonable rates of your bath bombs by providing them in lavish packaging of the Bath Bomb Display Boxes. The use of cardboard to protect the precious look of the bath bomb is appreciative. Because it can hold the bath bombs tightly and keep them fresh for the users. That’s why make sure that you are providing appropriate rates and discounts on special occasions to garb more buyers.

Customized the boxes with add/on features to enhance your brand value
That is another interesting feature that makes the boxes more appealing for the customers. Hence, boxes with customizing add/on features give a very different look. Thus, fragile products like bath bombs should be placed in bath bomb display boxes on your shelves to attract consumers. The most useable features are:

Silver/gold foiling
PVC sheet
Spot UV
Perforation, scoring/ gluing
These are the most attractive and mind-blowing features in customizing the most authentic look of the boxes. Present your boxes for bath bombs by availing of silver/gold foiling packaging and see the change in sale rates. So, make sure that your brand is different from other brands due to the appalling packaging designs and styles.

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Revolution In Electric Scooters In India From EV Sector

EVs like e-bikes and e-scooty in India has the potential to significantly reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas that can nurture the plagued ecology. As the price of fossil fuel rises and pollution becomes a major crisis worldwide, the advantages of e-bikes and electric scooty in India become increasingly evident. They have the potential to reduce India’s reliance on oil imports while also boosting the country’s access to energy.

Revolution In Electric Scooters In India

Electric vehicles have a significant positive influence on reducing petrol/diesel use,Guest Posting simplifying energy access, developing a sustainable natural eco-system, and fueling India’s foreign exchange reserves, according to studies conducted by Amo Mobility Solutions. Electric four-wheelers are yet to gain a wider market in India with new products, but electric two-wheelers such as e-bikes and e-scooty have quickly invaded the Indian market and streets with remarkable success.

EV manufactures are also gearing up with product innovation and supply chain to meet the rising demand for electric scooters and electric bikes in India. The revolution in electric mobility is also assisted by government subsidies and the implementation of charging points across the country.

The electric vehicle business (includes e-bikes and electric scooty) in India, like the rest of the automotive sector, languished during 2020, with sales of less than 26,000 units in the Covid19-affected year. Despite the second wave of Covid-19 hitting heavily on the auto sector, little less than 30,000 units were sold in the first six months of 2021, indicating the segment has begun to return healthier.

So, if you are want to buy Electric Scooty in India, things will largely fall in your favor as you can not only save the environment but also be able to save money on fuel consumption.

Buying The Best Scooty In India 2021 – What You Need To Know

Buying a new scooty in India was quite a complex affair one or two years ago while if you consider buying the best battery bikes in India 2021, things are largely easier than before. For millions of commuters across India, purchasing an electric scooter is an excellent alternative. While selecting the top scooty in India for your trip in metropolitan areas, there are a few points to consider. In India, everyone has a general concept of what features they want in their electric scooters. Affordability, range, battery power, and additional features and luxuries may all vary.

Note: While buying electric scooters in India, you should also check the customer service and maintenance parameters. Amo Mobility Solutions is a well-known brand that offers top-class customer service for electric scooty in India, especially in Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Uttarakhand.

4 Vital Points To Remember While Buying New Scooty In India

Comfort And Style
Every ride becomes a pleasure when you ride a fashionable electric scooter that catches the eye as you pass by. You require an e-scooter with capabilities that are up to date in order to stay up with your modern environment. Electric scooter in Indiawith plenty of legroom and stylish graphics are becoming increasingly popular, attracting lots of young commuters.

Given the complicated and congested nature of urban roadways in India, electric scooters must provide ease, safety, and stability.

When determining your cost for an electric scooter, keep in mind that the cost of an e-scooty in India is determined by a number of factors. The cost of a new scooty in India varies depending on the type of energy system deployed. Lead-acid batteries to power EVs are the cheapest source of energy while Li-ion batteries may perform better but they are expensive.

When compared to fossil fuel vehicles, electric scooters save an additional Rs. 3,000-5,000 per month approximately. Amo Mobility Solutions offers inexpensive and reliable electric scooters with VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) batteries that save money while giving a top-notch performance.

Technical Superiority
Technical superiority is based on many factors that comprehensively define the true nature of the scooty. It will include the power or torque of the electric scooter, battery quality and life, lights, brakes, etc.

If you are living near a relatively flat valley or surface, you can go with an electric scooter that offers torque or power of a minimum of 200-250 watts. If you are living in hilly areas, you may need a higher power to push the wheels over steep slopes.

While best batteries may last up to 4-5 years and you can get a warranty on the same too while buying a new scooty in India. Generally, good batteries take less than 3 hours to charge while providing a range or mileage of 75 to 100+ kms on Indian roads.

Then you have the brakes and lights of the scooty. Usually, brakes may comprise both disk and drum while expensive ones may include disk brakes on both wheels. You should have sufficient lights for the scooters to drive comfortably at night and LED lights are usually the top choice for this purpose.

Speed And Range
An ideal and new scooty in India has enough punch in it to smoothly give you the range you need to commute throughout the day and night. If you are a field sales employee, you can comfortably travel from town to town in a 30-40 km radius with a full charge.

To generate efficiency and save more money, the top scooty in India from Amo Mobility Solutions offers a speed of little less than 25 kmph that can certainly help you commute through rush and urban congestion in Indian cities.

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Wrap your hot dog in the handy custom packaging

Customize the attractive designs of the hot dog boxes from our company anytime. boxes customize the printed hot dog holders at wholesale rate. We provide you with 3D and mock-up sampling of the boxes at your request. Our services are available 24/7 and we provide free shipping and quote offer at your request.

Hot dog lovers prefer such poaching that is easy in holding. You can get such packaging to the boxes through the customization method. Hence,Guest Posting the commendable packaging material that provides a sturdy look to the hot dog boxes is cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft. The use of these papers is to make every design possible.

On the other hand, the cardboard hot dog holders are the preference of every dealer. Hence it provides the surety that hot dogs are safer in this packaging. Meanwhile, it increases your reputation in the market as well as it gives the easiness to your clients. Buyers will refer your brand to others as well due to your fascinating packaging style. So, make sure that your packaging is easy to handle for others too.

The elegant packaging of the hot dog boxes by using Kraft paper is also appreciated. Hence this paper is used to put a light-weight product or one-two piece of hot dogs. These papers have the specialty that it keeps your product hot and fresh up to the customer’s door. It will definitely increase the more demand for your hot dogs from the customers due to the quality of the packaging material.

Customize the printed boxes to promote your brand

If your brand is not following the upcoming trends of the packaging of the hot dog holders. Then don’t expect the customers to buy from you. It means brands must use the latest technology to create a fascinating color for the boxes. Mostly, it happened that clients don’t buy from such food brands that don’t have eye-catching packaging. So, make the boxes prominent by providing lavish color schemes. Printing Method:
The most prominent printing methods that make the hot dog holders more appealing are CMYK and PMS. Thus, the combination of both the patterns brings one basic color that gives a very fascinating look to the box. Hence, it depends on the client’s choice about selecting vibrant and decent color patterns. So, make sure that you are maintaining the balance between decency and the vibrant look of the boxes.

Digital Printing Method:
Besides that, the use of 3D/2D and digital printing in making the appealing look of the custom hot dog boxes. Digital printing makes every impossible look possible by keeping the boxes alive with its digital quality. So, order your boxes from those companies that give you the surety of protection as well.

Put your yummy hot dogs in eye-catching designs on the boxes
It is necessary to select the elegant design, fascinating packaging, and eye-catching printing at the same to attract the buyers to buy your hot dogs. That’s why make sure that your hot dog boxes are uniquely designed that keep your hot dogs fresh and keep it tasty. For hot dogs, select the most lavish design that fascinates the others to buy your food.

Boxes Types:
The most attractive and eye-catching designs of the hot dog holders are mailer, sleeve boxes, front and tuck boxes, and two-piece boxes. So, grab any designs that you think are suitable for your food items. Keep in mind that boxes must be easy while carrying the food. You can put different embellishers and printing colors on the boxes to make them more appealing for the others.

Furthermore, keep on checking the size and dimension of the hot dog boxes. Order those designs that are remarkable in appearance due to the recommended sizes. The benefit of availing yourself of the right side of the box is to keep your product at its place. That’s why to avail the commendable designs of the packaging to enhance the demand of the products.

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5 Essentials for a Successful Grant Writing Consulting Career

I truly find it hard to believe that I have been a grant writing consultant for a decade now! I’ll be honest – I was so scared when I went out on my own. I left a very high-paying and satisfying career as a hospital foundation development director to enter into the unknown consulting world. Of course, a lot of factors weighed in that decision including the freedom I yearned for to work from home to raise a family. It was such a nerve-wracking transition though because I wasn’t guaranteed clients that could help my family pay the bills, I couldn’t count on that same amount of pay each month that I had grown accustomed to and I’d never worked for myself before. Would I make a good boss? Seriously, I wondered “Do I have what it takes to be successful?”

You may be at the same point that I was once wanting to begin your own work-for-yourself business but having some doubts about just what it takes to be good at it. Because experience is a great teacher, I can say with confidence that I have learned that there are five essentials to a successful grant consulting business that I wish someone had shared with me when I was getting started. Because I so love what I do and want to help others start the same career, I’m going to share with you those five essentials to help YOU get started:

Have the Mindset of an Entrepreneur - Two very important things to realize right off the bat about beginning your own successful business – it takes time and effort. I cannot tell you that there is just one thing you have to do to be successful. A successful business just doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a lot of little things that take both, you guessed it, time and effort. It takes time for people to hear about your new consulting business and it takes effort on your part to make sure that they do. You have to keep at it. Some great books to help keep you motivated are The Millionaire Mind by T. Harv. Eckert, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill and The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Keep the faith!

Give Your Clients What They Both Want and Need - Your nonprofit clients will come to you to write grant applications for them. This is the nature of your business, granted. (A little pun intended.;)

But, it’s up to you as the grant writing expert to guide them in their efforts. First, you have to determine if the client is even “grant ready.” Do they have basic documentation in place? Do their programs merit grant money? It’s up to you to review their strengths and weaknesses that could make or break their application. Sometimes, also, clients want to “chase” grant money inventing new programs just to apply for the money. It’s up to you to reign them in because this technique most usually ends up in disaster. Be the guiding force in relationships with your clients – they’re depending on you and your expertise.

Offer More Services Than Just Writing Grants - Nine times out of ten, my grant writing clients want me to be their one-stop-shop. They’re dependent on me for funding research, inquiry letters, assessment of previous proposals and periodic follow-up reports. If you simply respond to clients wanting just one grant proposal written, already identified by them, you’re leaving money on the table. Advertise yourself as the go-to person for all things grants!

Develop Fail-Proof Techniques for Both Online and Offline Marketing - Believe it or not, you can do this on a shoestring budget. Have you heard of those little social media powerhouses called Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Well, guess what? All of those are FREE! And, what’s even better, is that there is so much FREE help on setting up those accounts and getting the most bang for your (nonexistent) buck out of them. Simply Google search Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and you’ll find all kinds of guides, tips and blogs to help you get started.

But remember, as great as social media boosts your presence, you have to be willing to get out from behind the computer. Don’t forget the power of one-on-one networking and having a well-designed business card to help them remember you.

Leverage What and Who You Already Know - In beginning your business, spend time thinking about what you’re already proficient in and playing up those skills. If you have a health care background, it would be wise to focus on writing grant applications for health care industries including hospitals, nursing homes or even disease-specific nonprofits such as, for example, cancer and juvenile diabetes.

Who you already know is just as important. Spread the word about your new business. As a nonprofit professional, you’re probably already involved in the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP.) A great breeding ground for potential clients! If you’re new to the grant writing profession, think about people you know in the nonprofit industry from church, your tennis league or your neighbors and let them know what you’re doing. You never know who they can connect you with to grow your business.

So, those are five very important things that I wish someone had told me in the beginning. You’re welcome. By the way, if you want to learn more on how to get started as a grant writing consultant, be sure to download my FREE “You Can Become a Grant Writing Consultant” here. It’s chock-full of even more in-depth information.

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How to Start Up Your Own Unique Consulting Company

Ok so you’re having thoughts about getting started in consulting but don’t know exactly where to begin. Anyone just starting out in a new field usually doesn’t know exactly where to start but if you plan and do some solid research you’ll be just fine.

First off before you get into this field you’re going to want to try and speak to as many people who are already involved in the profession and have experience doing what you are planning on doing. Some consultants may not be willing to share everything with you but if you look around and don’t give up you’ll be able to find a mentor or someone that is willing to help you out.

Some great places to look around and try and find help would be local companies in your town or city. You can also try web forums and social media communities. Blogs are also a great place to develop relationships with other consultants that can share valuable insight into the business of consulting.

Once you finally set up a time to speak to someone there are certain things that you’re going to want to try to find out from them. Things like promotional techniques, marketing, how they got into this business, and what kind of pay can you expect are all important questions to try and get answered.

You might want to also ask them how they got into their specific field of work as well as how to go about setting up a business plan and how crucial that is in terms of getting into this business.

Another thing you’re going to want to do is some marketing research and analysis of the competition that is out there. If you live in a small town you might not have much competition but if you live in any kind of urban center you’re competition will likely be pretty strong. Don’t let that scare you off. The more competition out there usually means that there are lots of potential customers as well.

One simple way to do an initial check of competition is to spend some time on the search engines typing in all kinds of key phrases that relate to the consulting services that you are planning on offering. So what you should do is type in your city name plus the keyword. If you take your time you’ll be able to put together a pretty solid list of other consultants and companies in your vicinity. If you analyze their services you’ll have a good idea of what you are up against.

So remember before you think about getting into and starting out in the world of consulting you want to be prepared for what is out their. The best way to go about that is with some initial research.

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Consultants and Consultancy Firms: Why, Who, When and Where Can We Find the Best?

Why is it that we, humans, are often so impressed with someone’s nationality, the PHD after their name, rather than being impressed with something that will add value to our endeavors?

This story is written about XYZ Country, where it seems that people are more focused on where the ‘consultant’ comes from rather than guaranteeing that the consultant will actually provide a return on the investment of hiring him/her in the first place.

Is Imported Always Better?

The Board Room was filled with smoke and the lively banter of executives exchanging opinions on the latest intelligence regarding national and company politics. They were expecting Dr. Harvey Walnose Suspenderbottom, a management consultant from overseas. As Dr. Suspenderbottom entered the room with his shock of red hair and his broad smile, he was greeted with a standing ovation.

There had been a big build up for his long-awaited visit. The company was facing a deep crisis and his coming was regarded as the first step towards salvation. Individual introductions were made amid the hospitality of coffee, tea, juice and French pastry. An impressive introduction was given by the company President extolling the achievements and professional acumen of Dr. Suspenderbottom.

After consuming a very expensive 30 minutes of consulting time with social repartee, the meeting was called to order.

Dr. H.W.S: Good morning Gentlemen. It is wonderful to be here. I am very impressed with what I have seen so far and look forward to listening to your views on the present status of your company this morning.

President: Gentlemen, I would like each of you to present to Dr. Suspenderbottom your status report on conditions in your department.

Executive 1: First, I am responsible for…. In the past five years, we have…. I think the best solution is to reorganize the company like this…. (30 minutes)

Executive 2: (The same as above for another 30 minutes).

Executives 3, 4 and 5provide a repeat performance.

President: I would like to take this opportunity to sum up and present my views and recommendations now that you have heard everyone’s point of view. You see, this company was started by my father in…. (After about an hour, the President ended his presentation).

Dr. H.W.S: Well gentlemen that was very informative; I have noted down all the salient points.

President: We would like to know what your opinion is.

Dr. H.W.S: There is a lot of information to digest here. I would certainly need a good deal of time to reflect on what I’ve heard. I’ll definitely provide a full analysis and recommendations in my report.

After about four hours of intensive listening, Dr. Suspenderbottom was quite exhausted. He placed his elbow firmly on the arm rest of his chair and eased himself off his chair ever so slightly in the same direction. He noted with quiet amusement that a number of others in the room followed his example.

He was struck by the fact that there was such a scant amount of documentation in the host organization. In a way, that would make his task much lighter as he wouldn’t have to read through tons of company papers and reports. It would, however, make his recommendations less reliable than he would wish.

The meeting was finally adjourned at 1:30 p.m.. The executives honored Dr. Harvey W. Suspenderbottom with a sumptuous and very costly lunch which ended at 4:30 p.m., by which time everyone was feeling heavy with food and hazy with drink. Our overseas consultant wondered how he was going to write his report and file it before he flew off to his next assignment in another country. Dinner was an equally awesome affair at which our consultant met some of the shareholders in the organization. Nevertheless, he managed to write his report in the early hours of the morning, file it under ‘XYZ Country Assignment’ and prepare for the early flight out of this historic city.

XYZ country’s culture, Harvey reflected, was not easy to understand. He wondered whether he had got it right or not, and whether there weren’t any good XYZ country consultants around. The time he had spent was very pleasant indeed, but was it really going to be cost effective to the company?

He would have liked to have access to much more data than was available. He would have liked to know the language of XYZ country so he could form his own impressions of what different people’s views were. As things stood, he had to rely heavily only on those who spoke his language. He was also surprised at the relaxed pace of his itinerary. Time did not seem to be of the essence. In fact, it was wantonly squandered. But then, who was he to complain if people were willing to spend their money that way. With these thoughts, Harvey fell into a deep sleep dreaming of his next assignment in the next country.

Two weeks after his departure the company received a detailed and professionally presented report from Dr. Suspenderbottom. They were surprised to see so many of their own thoughts and recommendations in that report. It seemed that the famous doctor had agreed with almost all of what they had said and recommended. They felt very proud that their thoughts were almost identical with his and that his recommendations fitted in exactly with their projected plans. The main worry the good doctor seemed to have is who would be responsible for seeing through the implementation and follow up phases of the proposed changes.

Yes! Who indeed will be responsible for doing the actual implementation and follow up, the hard grinding detailed work necessary for quality results. Are there really no XYZ local professionals with enough brains and integrity to provide excellence in the performance of their work? Isn’t it about time we stopped being overawed by imported talent and encouraged some of our own? Up to this point we have done a spectacular job of exporting some of our best human resources and a good deal of our money in the form of extremely high fees. There has to be a time when we start trusting ourselves by believing that we too can deliver quality, and quality enhanced by a profound understanding of our culture.

There is a need, at times, to import talented professionals who specialize in specific areas. However, when considering hiring a consultant or professional to assist in the restructuring of an organization, it is worth considering the following points:

  1. Will the consultant have an understanding of the culture in which your organization operates?
  2. Does the consultant understand your vision? Where you see your company in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years?
  3. Will the consultancy report at the end of the project actually be practically applicable in your organization, your market, your industry and/or your country?

The underlying fact is that we do need to rethink our service and product offerings on a fundamental level. We do need to go beyond our current capabilities, be innovative, inquisitive and to be proactive in our assessment of potential future needs and expectations of our customers. If we want to differentiate ourselves, be a leader rather than a follower in our industry, we must move forward aggressively.

Often to be aggressive, we need an objective, third-party to observe, analyze and identify ways in which we may adjust, modify and/or create new processes of operation to better ensure we are capable and have the necessary resources (both materialistic and human) to successfully implement the changes that will be necessary to compete effectively and profitably.

However, we need a qualified, consultant or consultancy firm – not just based on nationality, degrees, etc… rather based on competency and experience – to look at our delivery model, analyze and understand our support infrastructure, ensure that we have the correct tools, that we are aware of our industry’s best practices, that we can expand existing processes and procedures to guarantee client satisfaction and ensure our sustainability and growth.

Price is, of course a consideration. But to coin a common phrase, “you get what you pay for”, is a very relevant fact. When comparing and choosing an outside consultant, it is essential that we have a specific list of criterion that will enable us to fully and accurately analyze and then make a decision as to who or which consultancy firm will best meet our immediate and future needs and be best able to provide us with the deliverable that will better guarantee our forward progress towards future success.

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